Ararat Hospice Care, Inc. provides an interdisciplinary approach designed to meet our patient's needs through physical, psychological, and spiritual support during the end of life's journey. Our caring, diverse and talented healthcare professionals will exceed your expectations.


At Ararat Hospice Care, we represent a compassionate & diverse team of healthcare professionals dedicated to the palliative care of individuals to ease suffering, manage symptoms, & provide comfort to patients & their family members. We continually strive to meet your needs with the best quality of patient & family centered care.


At Ararat Hospice Care we provides an interdisciplinary approach designed to meet our patient's needs through physical, psychological, and spiritual support during the end of life's journey. Our caring, diverse, and beloved healthcare professionals will surely exceed your and your family's expectations.

Counseling - Medication Oversight - Speech Therapy - Family & Caregiver Education - Physical Therapy - Occupational Therapy - Respite Care - Dietary Education

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We opened our doors on April 1, 2015, as an accredited agency by the joint commission. We're proud to be locally owned by a trusted Bakersfield Physician. Our team mission is to provide the most compassionate care not only for all individuals with terminal illnesses, but for the families as well. When a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it may be more devastating for the family than for the patient. We offer a specialized level of care for patients with life limiting illnesses. Our goal is to enhance the quality of lives with palliative care in the home of your choice.

We provide 24 hour support for symptoms caregivers cannot control. There is a nurse on call 7 days a week. Simply call 661-396-9000 for assistance. Ararat will never have an answering service or automated answer. When the need arises, you can feel comfort knowing there will be a live, caring person on the other line. We are here for you even if just to answer questions. We are always ready to assist patients and family members during this critical time of need.

Sincere Words From People Just Like You...

Thank you for the beautiful plant that you sent me in Rod's memory. Also, thank you for the wonderful care, support and prayers during Rod's illness and after. It will always be appreciated. He was a special man and a wonderful husband and I can't express how much I miss him. Your care was a blessing.



Ararat Hospice Care, Inc. provides individuals in Bakersfield with the best in hospice care services. We are dedicated to providing care and support to patients & their families during critical times of need. Our team of healthcare professionals provide hospice care in the comfort of your home of choice, under the direction of our physicians.









Services include:

  • Spiritual counseling, and bereavement counseling. Our chaplains can assist with funeral arrangements, also.
  • We have medical social workers to assist with community resources, such as meals on wheels, and medical baseline reduction from PG&E. MSW can also set up evaluation for in home supportive services for those who qualify.
  • Weekly home visits registered nurses, and licensed vocational nurses with years of hospice experience.
  • Certified home health aides are available to assist with bathing, grooming, and changing patient's bedding. The admitting nurse will determine how many days a week CHHA will come based on the needs of the patient.
  • Our staff will be available for on-going caregiver education and support.
  • A quality assurance nurse will monitor all medications prescribed to ensure effectiveness.
  • We also offer ancillary services such as PT, OT, and ST, as needed.
  • We have registered dietician to assist with patient's nutritional needs.
  • We provide respite care for families in need of some relief while taking care of loved ones. This is up to 5 days in a skilled nursing facility. This benefit will be paid by Ararat Hospice Care, Inc.

Grief Support Group

(Meeting Once A Month)


Meeting Time: 5:30 PM

Facilitated By: Social Worker & Chaplain.

Support Group Meeting Dates:














Who pays for Hospice care?

Most Individuals, who have medicare, have the hospice benefit. Most private insurances now have hospice benefits. Hospice care is provided regardless of a patient's inability to pay. With the medicare or private insurance benefits, all hospice services are provided, and all medications, equipment and supplies related to the terminal illness are covered.

Can I call hospice without a doctor's referral?

Yes, anyone can refer a patient for hospice. The information will be taken and the patient's doctor will be contacted for permission to assess the patient for eligibility. 

If I choose to go on service with hospice, does that mean I cannot see my own doctor again?

You can continue with your own doctor as part of your care team. Your doctor will be informed on the status of your condition on a regular basis.

Does Medicare only cover hospice for six months?

You can be on hospice as long as the medical director certifies that you are eligible. 

Does choosing hospice mean I have to just give up on life?

No, hospice is about quality of life. Hospice patients are encouraged to live life to the fullest.

Will I be taken off all of my medications and suffer before dying?

Hospice is all about comfort and pain control. The only medications that are discontinued are the ones that don't have any benefit to the diagnosis. For example, if a patient is on service for end stage lung cancer, we are not treating for high cholesterol.

Is hospice care only for patients with cancer?

Hospice care is for any patient with a terminal illness, which can include end state heart disease COPD, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, and AIDS. These are just a few of the terminal illnesses that are covered under the hospice benefit.

Is all hospice care the same?

No. Many communities have more than one hospice. Medicare requires certified hospices provide a basic lever of care but the quantity and quality of all services can vary significantly from one hospice to another. To find the best hospice for your needs, ask your doctor, healthcare professional, clergy, or friends who have received care for a family member. You may want to call or meet with more than one agency to see what they provide.

Does hospice provide 24 hour care?

Hospice staff is on call for emergencies 24 hours a day. Hospice care does not include a nurse in the home 24/7. If you require more care than can be provided in the home, some hospices have their own in patient facilities. Most communities have nursing homes, inpatient residential centers and hospitals with the hospice care options.



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Pursuant title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1973, Ararat Hospice Care, Inc. does not discriminate in the provision of services and employment on the basis of age, color, race, sex & national origin.